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How to Clean Your TPO or PVC Roof

How to Clean Your TPO or PVC Roof
August 24, 2016 Greg Word


Protecting Your Investment

Hands cleaning.

Once you’ve installed new TPO or PVC roofing on your commercial building, it’s essential that you keep up with regular maintenance and cleaning in order that your investment and the protection it provides will last you for as long as possible. Learn a few reasons why upkeep is so essential and how to properly clean your commercial roof.

Advantages of Routine Roof Cleaning

Reasons to create a cleaning schedule for roofing include:

  • Keeping harmful chemical toxins from building on your roof where they can potentially lead to compromised performance life and harm to the membrane
  • Ensuring the roofing surface remains pristine in order that it can reflect as much sunlight as possible, which is essential for energy efficiency
  • Making sure your TPO or PVC roof doesn’t have a source of food for pests, which can lead to nesting
  • Avoiding the growth of plant life, which is due to a buildup of nutrient-rich debris and dirt

Proper Cleaning Techniques

Now that you know a bit more about why it’s so essential that you provide commercial roofing with some occasional TLC, learn how to clean it the right way for maximum performance and functionality. Be sure all water entry points, such as base flashings and low clearance curbs, are protected before using a pressure washer on your property. Speaking of pressure washers, it’s best that you take care of dirt and dust on your roof with a low-pressure washer. You’ll also want to take measures to protect your shrubs and plants while cleaning, as the household detergent you use as a solution can harm them.

As you’re scrubbing at your PVC or TPO roofing membrane, you’ll only want to use a long-handled brush with bristles that are easy on surfaces. Go easy on the top of the membrane, as vigorous scrubbing can lead to unintentional damage. Once you’ve finished scrubbing and cleaning at your roofing, be thorough as you pressure wash it off, making sure all of the cleaning solution is sprayed off.

While you now have a better idea of how to clean your TPO or PVC roof, it’s still best to leave the job to a professional. Doing so ensures the absolute best results and may extend the life expectancy of your roof.

If it’s been a while since you have cleaned the top of your commercial property, schedule a professional cleaning with our experts at Restructure at (214) 234-2596. A little time and money now can save a lot later on.