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Roofing Maintenance: When to Inspect the Roof

Roofing Maintenance: When to Inspect the Roof
April 29, 2016 Greg Word

Because of the weather and other environmental exposures, commercial roof surfaces and even sections of the same roof surface do not wear evenly. However, correctly maintaining a commercial roof system and performing regular roof inspection maintenance may prolong the life of the roof and decrease the likelihood of interior water damage.

Flat roof covering works with roofing felt


Extending the Life of Your Roof with Regular Inspection and Maintenance

Your commercial roof is a valuable business asset, and emergency roof repairs should not become habitual. By performing inspections and preventive maintenance, you can use your budget to avoid significant expenditures. Your roof’s exposure to the elements contributes to deterioration and decay, increasing the risk of damage to the contents it protects. Routine roof inspection maintenance helps save money, time, and problems in the following ways:


  • Increased time between replacements. The most significant motivation to maintain your commercial roof is that it prolongs its life and offers multiple benefits. With the improvement of roof technologies over the last few decades, it’s not unreasonable to expect a life of 20 years or more from a correctly installed and maintained roof. Estimates for the anticipated life without maintenance is between 10 and 15 years.
  • Preserve the interior of your building. The contents of your commercial building may be worth more than the price of repairing the roof. For instance, imagine the amount of data lost if water infiltrates a server in your facility. You can avoid the cost of material damage by keeping your roof leak-free with regular roof inspection maintenance.
  • Avoid structural damage. Leaky roofs result in rotting wood or rusted steel, both of which can compromise the structural integrity of your facility and often end in a costly restoration. In fact, one of the most expensive issues roofing contractors fix is a roof leak.


Preventive maintenance and regular care are the best methods for increasing weather resistance and avoiding a roof-related issue. You can also prolong your roof’s life and protect your building and the business conducted within it with proper maintenance. Additionally, if you detect a problem, a repair instead of replacement is sufficient in many situations.


The Best Time for Inspections  

The roofing industry agrees that commercial roofing structures should be inspected at least twice a year to identify potential damage. Regular inspections are suggested after the winter season in the spring, and late fall before the winter weather arrives but after the hot summer ends. You should also perform roof inspection maintenance after an extreme weather event such as damaging winds or a hail storm.