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How to Evaluate a Roof for Storm Damage

How to Evaluate a Roof for Storm Damage
May 31, 2016 Greg Word

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The Dallas area of Texas gets its fair share of storms. Every season brings challenges, from summer high winds and hail to winter ice. Widespread roof damage from these incidents is common. Commercial properties benefit from comprehensive disaster repair and restoration services provided by industry-proven professionals. Our skilled teams of experts respond promptly to emergency situations to repair commercial properties and help property owners obtain the full benefits of their insurance policy.


Signs of Commercial Roof Deterioration

A few visible signs of roof deterioration include split seams and broken, cracked, curled, or missing shingles. Tiny metallic granules coat asphalt shingles and provide protection from the sun’s damaging UV-rays. The appearance of small granules in downspouts and gutters is usually an indication of more serious roofing concerns, including flooding, leaks, deterioration, and overall structural compromise. Other signs of commercial roof damage include:

  • Blistering. Blistering and erosion of the surface can cause problems if the issues are not addressed correctly and quickly. If left unrepaired, blisters accelerate the aging of the system. Usually the roofing membrane does not have to be replaced for 20-30 years, but blisters can significantly reduce that time frame.
  • Visible rusting. Severe storms can cause metal edges to deteriorate or rust, jeopardizing the structural integrity of the entire roofing system.
  • Water infiltration. Water infiltration can destroy roofing membranes and enter the interior of the building, causing mold and damaging property.
  • Membrane punctures. Damage from foot traffic on a building’s roofing system can cause premature wear or tearing of the membrane resulting in leaks and water infiltration.

Inspecting a commercial building’s gutters, coping, fascia, and drip edge are essential to accurately detect the effects of severe weather.


Evaluating the Effects of Storms on Commercial Buildings

At Restructure Corporation, we understand that evaluating weather-related issues is only one component of the repair process. Minimizing disruptions to your business and restoring the building to its prior condition quickly and affordably are also significant components. That’s why our team of experts begins with a thorough inspection of the issues to evaluate and record the loss for the insurance claims process. We then work with your insurance provider to manage and plan a timely roof repair or replacement within your budget.


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