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Cool Roofs: A Closer Look

Cool Roofs: A Closer Look
July 18, 2016 Greg Word

As property owners across the nation begin to recognize the need for roofing systems that are environmentally friendly and energy efficient, white and cool roofs are becoming more and more popular. Additionally, code requirements are changing to reflect the need for environmentally smart technologies to benefit the health of the planet. Whether you are considering the installation of this innovative roofing system or simply want to learn more about it, here is some more helpful information about cool roofs.

White Cool Roofs


  • Utility Savings —

    Because white cool roofs are incredibly efficient at keeping unwanted air out, buildings are able to maintain a desired temperature without the excessive use of HVAC systems. For example, UV rays are reflected back into space instead of being absorbed into the building. This means the building’s HVAC system is working that much less to maintain a desirable temperature. Additionally, many utility companies will offer some sort of incentive program for property owners who incorporate such technology into their roofing system.

  • Improved Air Quality —

    Cool roofs emit less toxins than other types of roofing systems which means that air quality is improved.

  • Maintenance Convenience —

    Unlike other roofing systems that require an extensive amount of regular maintenance, white roofing is much more efficient. While it requires little to no maintenance, you can be confident of the savings on both time and money that will result.

  • Temperature Maintenance —

    There is nothing more frustrating than dealing with overly hot or cold temperatures. Cool roofs are much more capable of maintaining a desirable temperature. This is done without excessive or ongoing use of HVAC systems that will cost you additional time, money, and maintenance.

  • Environmentally Friendly —

    As the world becomes increasingly concerned with being environmentally friendly, restrictions and requirements for roofing systems are changing. With a cool roofing system, you can be confident you are in line with the requirements set by local authorities.

Is a Cool Roof Right for You?

Determining whether or not a cool roof is the right option for you is best decided by looking at a few factors. First, does your location enable your roof to remain relatively clean and white so it stays reflective and cool? Second, are there precautions you can take to ensure the glare caused by your roof doesn’t disturb other property owners around you? Third, does your building require extra heat to dissipate moisture or does it get excessively cold during the winter? In these situations, a cool roof may not be your best option.

Now is the time to contact your local roofing contractor for qualified assistance on the installation, maintenance, and care of your roof. Our roofing experts at Restructure can talk to you more about cool roofs to help you make your decision. Give us a call at 214-234-2596.