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Richardson Liquid Applied Roofing

If you have not yet explored a Richardson liquid applied roofing service to treat your old, weathered roof, you could be missing out on a highly effective and cost-efficient way of overhauling your roof.

Restructure Corp. offers Richardson silicone roof coating service that can often be used in place of a full roof replacement. Old, leaky roofs can be revitalized when our technicians apply a special silicone roof coating. This creates a seamless barrier that holds out the elements and combats heat generated by the sun.

Renewing old roofs with our rubber roofing in Richardson TX

Restructure Corp. provides a comprehensive offering of commercial roofing services — storm damage repair, general maintenance, replacements and more. Liquid applied roofing in Richardson TX is one such way that we equip our clients with a roof that effectively protects their facilities while maintaining superior energy efficiency.

With silicone roof coating in Richardson TX leaks, rust and other imperfections are properly addressed. You’re essentially getting a brand new roof but for far less money.

We offer industry-leading Richardson rubber roofing warranties

As is the case with all the services we provide, Restructure Corp. stands behind our Richardson liquid applied roofing. One of our representatives can talk to you about our 5-, 10- and 15-year NDL warranties.

Plus, because Richardson silicone roof coating service is classified as a maintenance measure for your roof, it is completely tax deductible in year one, helping you save additional money.

The factory-trained Richardson liquid applied roofing staff from Restructure Corp. is standing by to consult with you about the needs of your commercial roof. We provide free inspections and estimates and will let you make the ultimate decisions, instead of giving you the hard sell. Talk to our team today!