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Plano Liquid Applied Roofing

You can completely overhaul the look and functionality of your commercial roof with the right Plano liquid applied roofing service. With the high quality silicone coatings available to roofers these days, applying a rubber roof can restore even an old, leaky roof back to new condition.

And, that’s exactly what our team at Restructure Corp. is looking to do with our Plano silicone roof coating service. We have factory-trained technicians that will apply an industry-leading silicone coating to your roof to provide the seal you need from the elements.

Why invest in rubber roofing in Plano TX?

If the roof on your commercial facility has proven to be leaky and ineffective, you really can’t let it go untreated. You are essentially faced with the choice between getting a completely new roof or reviving your old one with Restructure Corp. and our liquid applied roofing in Plano TX.

Roof coating solutions will enhance your roof’s:

  • Functionality: With silicone roof coating in Plano TX, you will have a seamless membrane that holds out water, acid rain, chemicals and more. Plus, this silicone formula provides you with a roof that can absorb the unbearable heat of the Texas summers without cracking or deteriorating.
  • Beauty: Is your current roof becoming an eyesore for your whole facility? Plano rubber roofing can be used to cover old, rusted roofs to make them look like new again, greatly enhancing the curb appeal of your building.
  • Efficiency: The right roofing solution can actually pay serious dividends when it comes to heating, cooling and operational costs in general. Our Plano liquid applied roofing service can equip you with a roof that reflects ultraviolet light from the sun so that it does not needlessly heat up your building.

Is Plano silicone roof coating right for your facility?

The team at Restructure Corp. can sit down with you to talk about it. We’ll offer unbiased information and objective insight to help you make the decision best for your commercial facility.

Thank you for considering Restructure Corp. for your Plano liquid applied roofing needs.