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Irving Liquid Applied Roofing

Experience the wide range of benefits that come with a reliable Irving liquid applied roofing service. The team here at Restructure Corp. has been in the business since 1999, working closely with commercial clients to ensure that their roofs remain in tip-top shape.

Flat, commercial roofs can be a bit daunting to maintain — they’re more susceptible to problems like leaks. From leak detection, repairs and maintenance work, to Irving silicone roof coating, Restructure Corp. can handle each and every one of your roofing needs.

We bring rubber roofing in Irving TX to your facility

Restructure Corp. works with an innovative silicone roof coating that we can apply to your roof using manufacturer-specified methods. This coating creates a seamless seal over your roof, to correct problematic issues such as leaks, cracks and more.

This liquid applied roofing in Irving TX provides many benefits for commercial property managers, including:

  • The fact that our silicone roof coating in Irving TX can stop rust in your metal roof
  • A seamless membrane that effectively holds out water, acid rain, chemicals and more
  • Protection from UV rays, which will heat up your facility
  • An efficient roof that helps you save on energy costs
  • No interruption to your business operations
  • A service that is completely tax deductible (coating is considered maintenance to your facility)

Our manufacturer-trained Irving rubber roofing staff can walk you through each benefit and help you determine whether or not roofing coating would help your roof.

Our Irving liquid applied roofing staff is focused on quality and safety

Here at Restructure Corp., we’re locally owned and operated. We’re a smaller business that is focused on delivering high quality work while keeping everyone safe in the process. We’re constantly looking for ways to enhance our service and deliver the most value for your dollar.

And, we stand behind our work. Our Irving silicone roof coating service is backed by a 5-, 10- or 15-year NDL warranty.

Restructure Corp. can revive your old, weathered roof and make it like new with our Irving liquid applied roofing service. Get started by connecting with our team.