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Highland Park Liquid Applied Roofing

Restore your commercial roof back to new with a trusted, proven Highland Park liquid applied roofing service. Here at Restructure Corp., we have specialized in all things commercial roofing since we opened for business in 1999.

Today, we have factory-trained technicians and a carefully formulated silicone coating that is designed to protect old, weathered and leaky roofs. Restore your roof with Highland Park silicone roof coating.

Our Highland Park rubber roofing experts can provide you with answers and insight

Whether you want a full rundown on the functional and financial benefits of our rubber roofing in Highland Park, or are trying to make the decision between replacing your roof or coating your existing one, our team can help.

At Restructure Corp., our Highland Park liquid applied roofing team takes pride in our honest approach to service – it’s a concept that is lost on too many roofing contractors today. When you talk to us about liquid applied roofing in Highland Park, we will offer you unbiased insight to help you make an informed decision.

We stand behind our silicone roof coating in Highland Park

Restructure Corp. provides a variety of workmanship guarantees and warranties for the many services we provide. The same applies to our Highland Park silicone roof coating service. In fact, we provide 5-, 10- and 15-year no dollar limit warranties on this service, to provide you with the peace of mind that you deserve.

With Restructure Corp., you can essentially equip your facility with a new roof without having to pay for one. Our coatings provide a seamless membrane over your entire roof to seal up leaks and hold out water, acid rain, chemical and more.

See if our Highland Park liquid applied roofing service is right for you, and how it will benefit your building and business, by connecting with the staff at Restructure Corp.