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Carrollton Liquid Applied Roofing

Here at Restructure Corp., we want to introduce you to the wide range of benefits that come with our Carrollton liquid applied roofing. By using a silicone roof coating, our factory-trained staff is able to apply a seamless seal over your roof to turn away elements like rain, acid rain, chemicals and more.

Our Carrollton silicone roof coating is often a superior alternative to replacing your roof completely. However, each commercial facility has different needs, which is why one of our team members would be happy to sit down to talk and let you know whether you could benefit from our rubber roofing in Carrollton TX.

The benefits of our liquid applied roofing in Carrollton TX

There is a reason that more and more commercial clients are relying on us for silicone roof coating in Carrollton TX — they’re quickly finding out that they can achieve the same functional benefits as replacing their roofs, but without all the hassle that comes with a re-roofing project.

The following are a few of the clear benefits of Carrollton rubber roofing.

  • The affordability of this service is one of the more obvious benefits. In many cases, Carrollton liquid applied roofing can cost up to half as much as getting a new roof. Plus, a coating is considered maintenance work, so the price of our service would be tax deductible.
  • Carrollton silicone roof coating is also highly efficient and can cool down your facility to help you save on operational costs. With a white coating, your building can reflect away much of the ultraviolet rays that come with the sun.
  • Rubber roofing is also incredibly durable. When it heats up, the silicone will expand, but when it cools off once again, it will retract back into place. Traditional roofs can develop cracks under these conditions.

The list only goes on from there. Provide the protection that your facility needs by consulting with a member of Restructure Corp. and asking us about our Carrollton liquid applied roofing.