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Arlington Liquid Applied Roofing

Even if your commercial facility’s roof seems beyond the point or repair, you may not need a replacement — talk to the team at Restructure Corp. to learn more about our Arlington liquid applied roofing service!

Instead of investing in an entirely new roof, you can reap many of the same benefits from our Arlington silicone roof coating service. With a cutting-edge silicone coating, our team is able to cover your roof and provide a seamless barrier to fend off elements like water, chemicals, acid rain, sunlight and more.

Rubber roofing in Arlington TX vs. a new roof

This is a fairly common debate that commercial property managers must contend with — deciding between liquid applied roofing in Arlington TX or replacing the roof all together. When you work with Restructure Corp., our team will provide you with all the answers and insight you need to make an informed decision.

If you find yourself facing this decision, here are a few things to consider about silicone roof coating in Arlington TX.

  • These roofs can be tinted any color you want, but with white Arlington rubber roofing, your roof will reflect much of the sunlight that hits it, effectively doing its part to cool your facility and drive down energy costs.
  • Our Arlington liquid applied roofing heats up and stretches in the hot summer sun, which allows it to expand. When the weather cools off, it retracts back into place. This would cause a traditional roof to potentially crack, but rubber roofs are flexible in this respect.
  • Affordability is one defining trait of our Arlington silicone roof coating. Often, it can save you 50 percent of what it would cost to replace your roof and provide comparable warranty programs. The staff at Restructure Corp. can provide you with a quote on a new roof and our coating service so you can compare.

Team up with a staff of technicians that is factory-trained and certified in the latest Arlington liquid applied roofing application methods. Restructure Corp. is ready to help you explore this worthy roofing solution.